JavaScript, unlike most programming languages, is naturally asynchronous. Meaning that it can set tasks that are in process to the side and finish it when it’s done.

Before Promises, asynchronous operations were handled with callbacks. Like so:

As of 2015, JavaScript introduced Promises. Which is an object that eventually settles…

Hoisting is one of those tricky concepts that cause many beginner developers to bang their head against the keyboard trying to understand it and fixing bugs because of it.

However, it is not so bad once you understand how it actually works and can even offer some advantages.

In this…

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After seeing this requirement listed out on most job applications for junior developers I decided to finally dig into it.

CI/CD is a method used by the DevOps team to deliver code faster and more frequently in an agile environment. …

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Have you ever visited a web page on your mobile device and find yourself having to scroll from left to right on each line? These are unresponsive sites. Pages that only look good on desktop.

For this reason we have media queries. …

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If you have ever built applications using Ruby on Rails you are most likely familiar with ActiveRecord Validations that ship with the framework.

If you haven’t, they are basically restrictions set up in your models to ensure that only quality data is persisted to your database.

Active Record provides helper…

The programming term, duck-typing originated from the famous phrase:

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Duck typing is a style of dynamic typing which focuses on the behavior of an object rather than what it actually is. The…

I feel HTTP is a topic that is not mentioned as much as it should be in the programming world. Regardless of whether you work in the backend or frontend its important that you understand how HTTP works. This post will be discussing what HTTP is, how it works, the…

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When I first began to learn JavaScript iterators I really struggled with the reduce method. The parameters were confusing and I was just beginning to get a grasp on callback functions. However, after some practice and videos I was able to reap all of the benefits of reduce.

Before we…

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